Academy of Dance and Creative Arts

encourages the love of Ballet, Dance and the Creative Arts for all ages and incomes. We are committed to maintaining standards of the highest quality in our training and to give every student the skills needed to enjoy Ballet, Dance and the Creative Arts for an entire lifetime.

Summer Programs 2016

July 18 – August 20

Intensive Summer Ballet Camp designed for students who would like to keep working on their ballet skills and progress in this hard and beautiful line of art. Students will have classes of ballet, pointe, classical repertoire, historical/character dance, partnering, make-up and hair, drama and mime, and rehearsals for our Performance by end of the camp, were each student can show his/her improvement during the camp. All students who will take full summer ballet intensive will receive Achievement Diploma.  

Age: 7-16

Time: 9:30 - 4:30

Place: Brooklyn July 18 - 29 Full day Intensive Workshop

           Upstate (Catskill Mountains) August 1 - 20 Overnight camp

·        Dates: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 

·        Programing Directors/Teachers: Julia Vorobyeva & Konstantin Dournev

July 11 – August 12

Evening Summer Dance Classes especially for our little kids or beginners in ballet, who cannot stay the whole day, or cannot participate at the Intensive Ballet Camp, but would like to keep working on dance/ballet skills. Also we will do classes for break dancer. 

·        Age: 3-9

         Dates: Tue, Wed, Thu (one hour class, 30 min for little kids)

        Time: 5:00 - 9:30

·        Programing Directors/Teachers: Julia Vorobyeva & Konstantin Dournev, Break dance teacher: Bboy Wolk


August 1 – 11

Hip Hop Boot Camp this is absolutely new program, exclusive and very rare in US. Hip Hop boot camp is a two week summer program. In this summer program kids will spend three hours a day, four days a week practicing Bboying and learning new skills vital to the Hip Hop cultural such as Graffiti and Djing. The program will also include two workshops, one on House dancing and a Bboy workshop.

·        Age: 9 and up

·        Time: 4:30 – 7:30 (subject to change)

·        Dates: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

·        Programing Director: Andrei Dournev (Bboy Volk)

·        Teachers: Andrei Dournev (Bboy Volk), Alim Scarpelli (Sc-One), Yasha Morgan (Bboy Dirt the Jamurai)


July 11 – 29 (subject to change)

Music Summer Intensive designed for children aged 5 and up to 15 with different levels of musical training. Music teachers of our Intensive help develop an ear for music, musical memory, sense of rhythm and to express their feelings and emotions in music. The students will also get acquainted with the work of sound recording equipment.

Also, children will be offered a vivid course of music history - familiarity with the opera and ballet libretto, demonstration of the brightest performances significant in world culture works, information about composers.

Teaching methods include a variety of techniques play a musical instrument: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Piano & Keyboard, Possible training and games on the drums.Classes are taught by professional teachers and well-known musicians: Education singing skills, Formation of the vocal apparatus, An introduction to the concert activity (participation in competitions and festivals of children's creativity) and more!

·       Age: 5 and up to 15

·       Time: 4:30 – 7:30 (subject to change)

·       Dates: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fr

·       Programming Director: Yulia Geniush

·       Teachers: TBA


August 1 - 19 (subject to change)

The Foundation of Film is a 15 days course includes all of the major fields of the world of film making. These fields consist of the following: The basics of screenwriting, film analysis, the operation of cameras, lights and sound-recording software, editing of the movie, the art of acting and directing.
Kids are going to spend three hours a day, learning cinematography that famous directors and filmmakers were developing throughout the century.
The major objective of the course is not to simply teach kids the required set of skills, but to develop their creative thinking and apply it to everyday tasks, boost their creativity and spark the passion that will move them to go beyond the course.
The last week will be dedicated to applying learned knowledge to practice - students will shoot a 10-20 minute film that will include all of their classmates and prepare it for release on the last day of the course, where they will be able to enjoy the result of their effort with their parents.

·        Age: 10 – 15

·        Time: 10:00 - 2:00 (subject to change)

·        Dates: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fr

·        Programming Director: Egor Subbotin

·        Teachers: TBA


By the end of the Summer programs all students will have big public performance and all parents can see their kids perform on stage.

Additionally to our dance and music summer programs we are offering great activities in NYC for all campers and their relatives.

They will see a Broadway musical (your choice), Museums, Exhibitions and take a trip to Medieval Times in NJ. Their is many activities upstate as swiming at the mountaing river, horseback riding, mini golf, hiking and many others...

All campers will have a wonderful time together!

All detailed information on the programs you can find at our school. If you have any questions, you can contact us.



Early Bird registration will give you 10% additional discount and NO registration fee. You must register before March 15 (not available for Summer Evening Dance Classes).

After July 1st all tuition will go up by 10%

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